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   The Escher SRO Project, located at 50 Escher Street in Trenton, NJ, has been serving Mercer County's homeless population for the past 14 years. The facility has 115 units, 100 permanent residential units, and a 45-bed transitional program supported by a range of on-site and off-site social services. The program receives HUD Section 8 subsidies for all of its permanent units.

   The renovated 45,000-square-foot brick building is situated on several acres of land just one-half block from the Municipal Court/Police Department complex and is within walking distance of numerous community agencies, houses of worship, public transportation, the Trentonian newspaper, and the city's business corridors. The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is located just down the street.

   Escher SRO is an affiliate of EMET Realty Management and Development Company, which manages the project and is a participating organization in the Mercer County Alliance to End Homelessness. Currently Helping Arms, Inc. provides social services at Escher SRO Project. These agencies have been working in concert with a network of off-site social and medical care services to provide support to the Escher SRO Project staff.

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